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    En Carambolas, Carlos Clavero de CeCe surfboards disfruta, cuando puede, de una sesión de longboard durante el verano en el norte…. Ah… El verano. Gritos, ruido y toallas cubriendo la arena. Las sombrillas como setas poblando la humeda orilla y cuerpos tendidos al sol, cazando rayos uva sin piedad. Visitantes de Playa. Los picos ahogados […]

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    Of tails and fluid dynamics One of the first things that interested me regarding surfboard design was perhaps the role that tails play in the equation WAVE-BOARD, And there for in the boards behaviour in the water. It was a short unimportant dialogue during a scene in BIG WEDNESDAY (Milius 1978) that started it all. […]

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  • THE DUCT TAPE 2011

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    Joel Tudor and his gang invaded the Beach at Salinas in 2011 in what was the first Duct Tape ever to take place outside the US. For Spanish Longboarding that was like Heaven… we all gathered at the beach to see the SURF FEST that these masters brought with them and their styles… Some of […]